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I love good music,movies and art. In this blog you can see my inspiration and my toughts.


low poly health potion


Idk I think feminism should be called something different like common sense or something

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From MGMT’s ‘Your Life Is A Lie’ 
Tea-crisis emergency

I made a cup of tea with slightly cool-downed water and thought it tasted bad so I poured it out and now I made a new cup because I’m a stubborn bastard. And I don’t like it…!??? What is happening to me this is the worst thing ever somebody pls explain the cup is staring me in the face with disappointment

Swedish lesson

kiss means pee
fart means speed
slut means end

that’s all for today,kids. 

The poster that will start revolutions



Do you know what the worst thing about long-distance relationships? It’s when you are finally together but it feels so natural that the time flies by quicker than ever. Because being together, breathing the same air shouldn’t be a rarity. 

Stop it. I’m crying. ;_____;

I miss u too ;c